Christian dating playing hard to get

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You are told that people love the chase, that they love the challenge. Always look your best and show your most attractive self. You want to act normal and enjoy the process, forgetting about the outcome. Always remember that if someone wants to be with you then they will be with you regardless if you are playing hard to get or if you are demonstrating your interest by lavishing your affection on them – no games necessary. You can always Ask Single Dating Diva a confidential dating question on

That if you make it too easy they will lose interest. If you’re a positive person who’s excited about their life then potential partners will be excited about you too! Suzie is the founder of Single Dating, an award winning blog about being single, dating and relationships.

So, you do that, you play hard to get and make them chase you and they chase. Because they loved the chase, once they caught their prey they lost interest. The blog showcases the many adventures we have and how challenging, but also exciting dating really is because single isn’t a bad word and dating really can be fun!!

Then you decide to let them catch you and then, they lose interest and disappear. With experience comes wisdom and she also shares some lessons learned along the way helping others through her consulting services.

Apparently being too eager and actually showing you’re interested is a bad idea and it scares people off. Why You Don’t Need To Play Hard To Get When you’ve met someone new and you really like them it’s easy to get excited, especially if they like you too. People who “love the chase” aren’t looking for anything real, they’re looking to play. Leave something to the imagination and show them why you’re so interesting.

In essence, the rarer an object or experience is, the more desirable it becomes. Interestingly (and more pertinent to the topic at hand), the US professor employs William Shakespeare’s ubiquitous tale of Romeo and Juliet to bolster his Scarcity Principle.You need a foundation of honesty to build a good relationship on, and flirting is almost all pretending. I so love the attention, but I know it’s superficial. —Brad I want honest, meaningful, and fun conversation. —Matt That if she wants real, honest, mature friends, she needs to be a real, honest, and mature friend.I know at the end of the day I am not really cared for; I am possibly being used to have her needs met. Flirty conversation is rarely honest or meaningful, even though it can be fun. I would tell her that flirting is not a good basis for a friendship, and certainly not a relationship, and even when it can be added, it should be added in small amounts. Enjoy their company, but don’t seek to get your needs met through them. Respond to their attention, but don’t give your heart away. I want real relationships in my life, and it is hard to get past the pretending stage of a flirt.Cialdini asserts that because the warring Capulet and Montague families hamper Romeo and Juliet from courting one and other, it actually encourages them to desire each other even more.As we all know, their ill-fated passion meets a tragic and fatal end.

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