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We’ve put together an exhaustive list for you to de-code exactly what’s being talked about in the forums. 2WW – two week wait AAMOF – as a matter of fact AF – Aunt Flo – menstruation/period AFAIK – as far as I know AFK – away from the keyboard AKA – also known as AND – any day now AP – attachment parenting B4 – before B4N – bye for now or before now BAC – by any chance BB or BBS – internet bulletin board BBL – be back later BBT – basal body temperature BC – because, or birth control, or before children BCPS – birth control pills BD – baby dance (sex) BF – breastfeed, or boyfriend BFN – big fat negative (pregnancy test) BFP – big fat positive (pregnancy test) BIL – brother in law BITGOD – back in the good old days BM – breast milk, or bowel movement BRB – be right back BTA – but then again BTDT – been there, done that BTW – by the way BYAM – between you and me BYKT – but you knew that CD – cycle day CF – cervical fluid CIO – cry it out Circ.

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Chat about her cultures (Samoan, Armenian, African American and Italian).

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It was because of an innocent penchant for the older man.

Until this week, “modern” sugar daddy dating was barely known in Britain.

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