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The young teen carries a secret that is slowly ruining her life.

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It's been more years than I can even remember since the last time I cut, and that is an amazing accomplishment for me.

(As I type this, my chest tightens with tension and anxiety.) The key word here is not "cutter" but "former." I didn't realize until just this moment that it is completely in my past. All of a sudden, the burden of pain had been lifted, only to be immediately followed by a more pressing problem. Living in a town of only 500 residents, I'd never even heard the words "self-mutilation." I did not know (nor would I have even guessed) that other people actually cut themselves on purpose as a coping mechanism.

"What if I grabbed those scissors and swiped the sharp edge against my arm? The aggressive stinging that came from my angry swipe was oddly comforting. I got good at hiding it, keeping it in unnoticeable places, but I knew I couldn't keep up the "My Friend's Cat Scratched Me" facade for long.

Cabin was used as a residential occupation for likely from one to three tie cutters and at least one pet canine, and fits within the "Domestic" property type as defined in Merritt (2013: Section F, 12) .

As such, the level of integrity associated with the cabin architecturally, and the lack of modern disturbance, suggests that this might be one of the most significant historic resources within the Multiple Property boundary dating to this specific time period.

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