Hostile and intimidating

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An especially severe or egregious single act may warrant either discipline or dismissal. Indiana State University has an enduring commitment to academic freedom, freedom of expression, and the conception of the University as a place that must encourage and foster the free exchange of ideas, beliefs, and opinions, however unpopular.ISU adheres to the principles of academic freedom as set forth in the AAUP’s The policy is not intended to constitute a general civility code addressing ordinary stresses of the workplace, such as occasionally insensitive language or behavior. This policy is not intended to constrain commonly accepted workplace management practices, nor does it constitute the only mechanism for employees to address concerns about hostile or intimidating workplace behavior.

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Subsequently, to be illegal under one of the laws in the eyes of the courts, a hostile work environment typically must be caused by discriminatory workplace harassment based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability, genetics, age or sex; or it must be caused by retaliation in violation of a discrimination law.A report by the State Department's inspector general found that there was an "absence of a sense of direction" at the embassy and that the ambassador was the source of the "bulk of the mission's internal problems".Ms Stroum was a businesswoman and investor, credited with saving the Seattle Symohony from bankruptcy, who raised more than 0,000 (£310,000) for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.The courts recognize that witnesses too might suffer consequences of workplace hostility, even though they were not the direct targets.There are no Federal "hostile work environment laws" or "hostile workplace laws" named as such.

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