Junsu dating dating a schizoid girl

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The owner posted photos of autographs by Hani and Junsu.

A Korean netizen spotted the top idol couple at Spicy Stir-fried Chicken restaurant located in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. sometime, but just for now, I had to post about EXID giving Hani shit for dating on shows and how Junsu calling in to EXID’s V App broadcast now actually makes sense.—– The V App is the best, because Solji keeps looking at Hani like, “Bitch, you about to reveal this NOW?THEN, they try to 'transition' into say ACTING ROLES work.And also, that gives them a LOT more CONTROL over their TIME, to be able to have a romantic relationship. The PUBLIC INTRUSION with *active* K-pop Idols seems rather EXCESSIVE; and makes it difficult. KOREANS seem to think that the K-pop Idols (Music Group members) dating, is some sort of INSULT to their fans, who consider them a 'Personal Bias.' It is like the K-pop Idols are supposed to be 'dating' their FANS ONLY.

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