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Southward thrusting and massive frontal erosion of the Himalaya caused progressive truncation of the longitudinal courses of these rivers.

Geologically, the Ganga is a very interesting system as the processes controlling valley formation and filling in this large river basin are extremely variable in space (Fig.1).

However, the Chak De India girl finally gave a little insight about her relationship with the former India pacer.

Sagarika Ghatge, who is busy promoting her upcoming film Irada, dropped a hint that Zaheer Khan is indeed special to her.

Kanpur, the industrial centre of Uttar Pradesh, known for its cotton and woollen textile and leather industries is situated on the southern bank of the Ganga.

Kanpur is a metropolitan city, sprawling over an area of 300 sq. Kanpur, it is believed by some, derived its name from Kanhiyapur, the town of Kanhiya (Lord Krishna).

However, a student from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, is all set to change that.

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The ‘smart’ kettle has two buttons, a dial, and a display to control the brewing.

The Internet of Things (Io T) enabled device is connected with home Wi Fi, so you can also control it from anywhere via your smartphone. In the case of Ocha 2.0, I have redefined the rules as art follows technology,” Sachin told Hindustan Times.“It can be operated by the user in two different ways.

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