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The player's integration with the XM Napster client takes a cue from Apple—imagine that, hardware and software that work really well together!(The Pioneer Inno and the Samsung Helix have the exact same interface and nearly identical hardware.) Upon receiving the Inno, I opened the box and began to sort through the various accessories, including a home dock, home antenna, RCA-to-mini jack cable, AC adapter, travel power adapter, and a very nice carrying case.Though they were cool because you could suddenly take satellite radio with you wherever you go, I remember walking around with one of those enormous beasts in my hand thinking how nice it would be if the device were smaller and could hold some of my own music as well as XM content.Sure enough, the new Pioneer Inno (9 list) is better in just about every way than its predecessor.

The Inno is roughly the same size as other portable music players.Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's fight against breast cancer.Activation Fee: For each Receiver on your account, we may charge you a fee to activate, reactivate, upgrade or modify your Service.I marveled at how much smaller the Inno is than the Pioneer Air Ware.Other words that came to mind immediately: sleek, solid, and sexy.

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