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But now the star - who was fired from the show in a shock move in August - has told Brooklyn magazine that Trump struggled to read the script and didn't really seem to understand why he was there.

Killam was discussing his current role on Broadway in the musical Hamilton when the subject of Trump was raised.'Yeah, well, the president is a moron,' he said. I mean, there was no big reveal.'He struggled to read at the table read [a pre-dress-rehearsal practice], which did not give many of us great confidence. He’s just a man who seems to be powered by bluster.'Killam was dropped from SNL after six years last August along with fellow long-timer Jay Pharoah and one-year wonder Jon Rudnitsky.

Jonah Hill Apologizes for Homophobic Slur Hill started his monologue like a big shot, bragging about his second Oscar nomination, but Leo brought him back down to earth.

As the group admitted their worst drinking experiences Kristen told the group she had drunk 40 beers, stripped naked, then chopped down 35 trees on campus with a chainsaw.‘I've done it, you’ve done it but of course this time I got caught,’ she said.

In the commercial, Stewart, 26, was seen seducing a married housewife at a Super Bowl party in the commercial for frozen pizza rolls. You are my Totino.’They then sprayed each other with water from the tap before they stripped off and laid together on the kitchen table, rubbing each other with the snacks and kissing passionately.

The women touched hands gently over the Totino’s snacks as Stewart, playing Sabine, asked Vanessa what ‘she was hungry for’ before they caressed and danced together slowly in the kitchen. Oblivious to the passion, the men in the living room shouted back for their snacks.‘Whats taking so long with those Totino’s are you guys making out back there? Whilst Kirsten has never publicly confirmed her relationship with Stella Maxwell the pair have been speculation of a romance between the pair started last May, when they were spotted leaving the Met Ball together.

Donald Trump is 'moron' according to ex-SNL star Taran Killam, who claims the president was only booked to host in 2015 to give the show a ratings boost.

The then-presidential candidate made his controversial appearance on the show in on November 7 alongside Killam, who was the show's go-to Trump impersonator at the time.

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