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Sometimes, though, a map comes on showing a combination the entire peninsula, thereby giving temperatures of towns and cities in what we usually think of as two countries: South Korea and North Korea.century begins, this second map with both Koreas together has come to symbolize the bringing back together of two countries that at one time actually were one single country.When it comes to dating there are certain rules and customs that most cultures hold dear, and simply just not knowing can cause a breakdown in communication. Most of the customs surrounding dating in Germany are a lot like those of the United States, with the exception that German couples that are dating are more likely to engage in group dates. customs however, something as small as being 10 minutes late bringing home your date can result in there never being another date because of the value that Germans place on punctuality.

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For centuries, it was the tradition in Roma communities that if you manage to forcefully kidnap a girl and detain her for three days, she automatically becomes your wife.

German men will always initiate a date with a woman.

The man asks the woman out and is also expected to pay for the date.

When teenagers in South Korea watch the news on TV, they might see two different maps of their country when the weather comes on.

One map might show just South Korea, indicating temperatures and forecasts for various towns and cities located in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, roughly the section of land that comes below 38 degrees north latitude.

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